Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge

Open from 25/05/24 to 20/10/24

Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge - Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge -
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SUMMER - from the end of May until middle of October

WINTER - from Christmas to Easter

From our hut to the...
  • Chairlift Paolina-Karer Paß (Path nr. 550, 541 und 549 - Cigolade Pass) 2,30 hours 
  • Rotwand-Roda de Vael refuge (Path nr. 550 und 541 - Cigolade Pass) 2,00 hours
  • Kolnerhütte-Fronza alle Coronelle refuge and laurin chairlift-Niger Pass (Path nr. 550 - Tschager Joch) 2,30 hours 
  • Ciampedie refuge and Cablecar Catinaccio-Vigo di Fassa (Path nr. 540) 50 minutes
  • Chairlift Pian Pecei-Pera di Fassa (Path nr. 540) 40 minutes
  • Vajolet refuge and Preuss refuge (Path nr. 546) 1,00 hour
  • Grasleitenpaß-Passo Principe refuge (Path nr. 546 and 584) 2,00 hours
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr. 546, 584 and 554-3a) 2,45 hours 
  • Tierseralp-Alpe di Tires refuge (Path nr. 546, 584, 554 - Molignon Pass) 4,00 
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 546 and 584) 3,30 hours 
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 583 - Scalette pass and Lausa Pass) 4,00 hours 
  • Gartlhütte-Re Alberto 1° refuge (Path nr. 546 and 542) 2,00 hours 
  • Santnerpaß-Passo Santner refuge (Path nr. 546 and 542) 2,20 hours

Rifugio Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz is located at 1,960 m in altitude, in the stunning Conca del Gardeccia, in the foothills of the imposing Catinaccio and the majestic peaks of the Larsech. An ideal departure point for trips which extend from the Torri del Vajolet (Vajolet Towers) to the Coronelle, from the Mugoni to the Cigolade and the Ciampedie plateau, through the Valle del Vajolet and as far as the famous Lake Antermoia.

Recently refurbished, the refuge is able to host up to 50 people, offering cosy rooms supplied with linen or comfortable 8-bed dorms. The refuge's resident chef, Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz, offers typical, authentic Ladin specialities and new gourmet dishes to suit all taste buds, as well as a variety of homemade cakes.

In addition to extending a warm welcome, the refuge, which is run by the Riz family, aims to offer you a great service, but above all to enrich your stay with human kindness and genuine friendship.


    Peaceful, authentic and homely atmosphere.

    Point of departure for a variety of excursions, vie ferrate (iron rope paths) and mountain paths.

    Ideal for groups and those who are passionate about good cuisine.

Access to the refuge

From Pera di Fassa:           

- Shuttle bus service leaving from the chairlift service area (summer season only);

- Take the chairlift to Pian Pecei, and then continue along the path towards Gardeccia;

- By car to the village of Monzon and then on foot because use of the road by transport is limited;

 From Vigo di Fassa:            

- Take the cable car to Ciampedie and then continue along path no. 540.

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