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Open from 30/05/24 to 20/10/24

Alpe di Tires refuge - Alpe di Tires refuge - Alpe di Tires refuge - Alpe di Tires refuge - Alpe di Tires refuge -
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OPENING: from the end of May to the end of October

From our hut to the...
  • Chairlift Panorama-Compasch (Path nr. 2) 2,50 hours
  • Cavone-Tschafon refuge (Path nr. 3 - 7 and 4a) 4,50 hours
  • Schlernhaus-Bolzano refuge (Path nr. 3-4) 2,00 hours
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr. 3-3a Bärenloch) 2,00 hours
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr.3 a-554 and 3a - Molignon Paß) 1,30 hours
  • Mahlknecht-Molignon refuge (Path nr. 4-594 and 7) 1,00 hours
  • Plattkofel-Sasso Piatto refuge (Path nr. 4-594) 2,00 hours
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 4, 532, 555 and 580) 3,30 hours
  • Micheluzzi refuge (Path nr. 4-594 and 532) 5,30 hours
  • Grasleitenpaß-Passo Principe refuge (Path nr. 3a-554) 2,00 hours
  • Vajolet refuge and Preuss refuge (Path nr. 3a-554 and 584) 2,30 hours
  • Gartlhütte - Re Alberto 1° refuge (Path nr. 3a-554, 584 and 542) 3,30 hours
  • Santnerpaß-Passo Santner refuge (Path nr. 3a-554, 584 and 542) 3,50 hours
  • Gardeccia refuge and Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge (Path nr. 3a-554, 584 and 546) 3,30 hours

Rifugio Alpe di Tires is located on the main crossroads between the Val di Fassa, Val di Tires and the Alpe di Siusi, within the Sciliar Catinaccio Nature Park.

In 1957, a young man by the name of Max Aichner decided to build a mountain refuge at the foot of the Denti di Terrarossa (Walrus Tusks) to escape from the hunger and poverty of post-war Italy, and began the backbreaking work of transporting material by hand, traversing the Val di Ciamin. His dream became a reality in 1963 and to honour his beloved mountains, he decided to create two vie ferrate (iron rope paths), the Maximilian and the Laurenzi.

Since then, the refuge has undergone several transformations and extensions to meet the growing number of mountaineers and their needs. The last significant addition was made in 2014/15 by Max's second-born child, daughter Judith, supported by her husband Stefan. Together they have managed and developed the family's tradition for almost thirty years.


• The possibility of staying in cosy, warm rooms with a hot shower and fresh linen.
• Large rooms equipped with the latest technology for drying out footwear and clothing in the event of bad weather.
• A wide range of artisan products and local wine menus available.

Access to the refuge

The main access routes for reaching the refuge are:

- From the Alpe di Siusi, locality of Compaccio/Compatsch (1,844 m in altitude), taking path no. 2 in 2.5 hours.

- From Tires, by climbing the Val di Ciamin and the Buco dell'Orso (Bear’s Hollow) taking path no.3 in 3.5 hours.

- From Campitello di Fassa, climbing the Val Duron in 3.5 hours.
- From the Passo Sella (Sella Pass) in 4 hours.

In addition, there are numerous other ways of reaching the refuge by taking some of the more challenging paths. Find out more in the section "How to Get Here" on our website.

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