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Open from 01/06/24 to 06/10/24

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SUMMER: from the beginning of June until the beginning of October

WINTER: from Christmas until end of March, only restaurant 


From our hut to the...
  • Chairlift Paolina-Karer Paß (Path nr. 550, 541 und 549 - Cigolade Pass) 2,30 hours  
  • Rotwand-Roda de Vael refuge (Path nr. 550 und 541 - Cigolade Pass) 2,00 hours
  • Kolnerhütte-Fronza alle Coronelle refuge and laurin chairlift-Niger Pass (Path nr. 550 - Tschager Joch) 2,30 hours  
  • Ciampedie refuge and Cablecar Catinaccio-Vigo di Fassa (Path nr. 540) 50 minutes
  • Chairlift Pian Pecei-Pera di Fassa (Path nr. 540) 40 minutes
  • Vajolet refuge and Preuss refuge (Path nr. 546) 1,00 hour
  • Grasleitenpaß-Passo Principe refuge (Path nr. 546 and 584) 2,00 hours
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr. 546, 584 and 554-3a) 2,45 hours 
  • Tierseralp-Alpe di Tires refuge (Path nr. 546, 584, 554 - Molignon Pass) 4,00 
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 546 and 584) 3,30 hours  
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 583 - Scalette pass and Lausa Pass) 4,00 hours  
  • Gartlhütte-Re Alberto 1° refuge (Path nr. 546 and 542) 2,00 hours  
  • Santnerpaß-Passo Santner refuge (Path nr. 546 and 542) 2,20 hours  





Rifugio Gardeccia was built in 1902 to provide a small lodging and refreshment service to passing tourists, who were mainly English and German.

Giuseppe Desilvestro, known locally as “Bepo di Medil”, spent his summers in Gardeccia with his family, managing the livestock and cutting the hay. It was around this time that the first hikers, mountaineers and explorers began to visit the valley.

Supported by his father, also called Giuseppe, “Bepo de Medil” decided to build a little refuge. Over the years it was extended and improved to provide visitors with a better service.

Bepo ran the refuge with his wife Giulia until the mid 1950s. Then it passed to his youngest son, known by everyone as "Doro", who was helped by his wife Maria. Over the years the family grew and management of the refuge was eventually handed down to their children.

It is now managed by the brothers Marco and Mario.

The refuge serves as a goal, a transit point and a base for hikers and climbers in the Catinaccio area.


Easy access, through a 50-minutes walk from the arrival of the Ciampedie lifts or directly from Muncion in 1,15 hours.

    The area is does not present any hazards and so is suitable for children, with fields, forests and streams for little ones to explore.

    Rooms are furnished with beds, linen and a washbasin, giving you the opportunity to relax and freshen up after your trip.

Access to the refuge

From Vigo di Fassa, take the Catinaccio cable car until Ciampedie, then continue on the path number 540 for about 50 minutes. 

From Pera di Fassa take the chair lift until Pian Pecei (two trunks) and then follow the "Sentiero delle Leggende" (Path of Legends) for about 45 minutes. This route is ideal for those who are not in a hurry and want to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

From Muncion with a walk of about 1,15 hours.

From the Rifugio Roda di Vael on path no.545 (2 hour, 15 minutes)

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