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Open from 07/06/24 to 06/10/24

Vajolet refuge - Vajolet refuge -
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OPENING: from middle of June until end of September

From our hut to the...
  • Grasleitenpaß-Passo Principe refuge (Path nr. 584) 1,00 hour 
  • Tierseralp-Alpe di Tires refuge (Path nr. 584, 554, 3-3a - Buco dell'Orso) 4,30 hours
  • Tierseralp-Alpe di Tires refuge (Path nr. 584, 554 - Molignon Pass) 3,30 hours 
  • Schlernhaus- Bolzano refuge (Path nr. 584, 554 - Molignon Pass and 3-4) 4,40 hours  
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr. 554-3a) 1,45 hours
  • Antermoia refuge (Path nr. 584) 2,30 hours 
  • Val di Dona refuge (Path nr. 584, 580 and 577) 3,30 hours 
  • Micheluzzi refuge (Path nr. 584, 580 and 578) 4,30 hours
  • Kolnerhütte-Fronza alle Coronelle refuge and Laurin chairlift-Niger pass (Path nr. 584, 541 - Tschager Joch and 550) 2,30 hours 
  • Rotwand-Roda de Vael refuge (Path nr. 541 - Cigolade Pass) 2,30 hours
  • Rotwand-Roda de Vael refuge (Path nr. 541, 550 - Tschager Joch and 549) 3,30 hours
  • Gartlhütte-Re Alberto 1° refuge (Path nr. 542) 1,00 hours 
  • Santnerpaß-Passo Santner refuge (Path nr. 542) 1,30 hours  
  • Gardeccia refuge and Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge (Path nr. 546) 45 minutes  
  • Ciampedie refuge and Cablecar Catinaccio-Vigo di Fassa (Path nr. 546 and 540) 1,30 hours  
  • Chairlift Pian Pecei-Pera di Fassa(Path nr. 546 and 540) 1,15 hours  



Rifugio Vajolet was built in 1897 and then extended in 1902 and 1906 by the Sezione Alpinverein di Lipsia (Lipsia Association of Mountain Refuges).

It is now owned by the S.A.T. (Socetà Alpinisti Trentini [Trentino Mountaineering Society]) and has been managed for some 20 years by Fabio and Karin Bernard.

Rifugio Vajolet is located in the Vajolet basin above the Porte Neigre and is a departure point for numerous excursions with easy paths, vie ferrate (paths with iron ropes) of average difficulty (Passo Santner - Catinaccio d’Antermoia), as well as the possibility of climbing routes of varying levels of difficulty (Punta Emma, Catinaccio and Torri del Vajolet).


    A wide-ranging menu of typical regional specialities, including gluten-free and vegan dishes.

    There are small individual rooms available (2, 3 or 4 beds).

    The position of the refuge is easy to reach and represents a central departure point for excursions of varying difficulty.

Access to the refuge

Rifugio Vajolet can be reached from Vigo di Fassa on the Ciampedie cable car, then along an easy road until you reach the Rifugio Gardeccia (40 minutes), finally, continue along a gravel road which will take you to the Rifugio Vajolet (1 hour).

Or from Pera di Fassa with the shuttle bus service to the Rifugio Gardeccia (20 minutes) then on to the Rifugio Vajolet.

Other access routes include the Passo Costalunga (Costalunga Pass) passing the Rifugio Roda de Vael then Passo Cigolade pass, from the Malga Frommer mountain lodge passing the Rifugio Coronelle Passo Coronelle,

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