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Open from 14/06/24 to 13/10/24

Antermoia refuge - Antermoia refuge - Antermoia refuge - Antermoia refuge - Antermoia refuge -
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Storage room for backpacks and boots.

Laundry drying room

OPENING: from middle of June until end of September

From our hut to the...
  • Tierseralp-Alpe di Tires refuge (Path nr. 580, 555, 532 and 4-594) 3,00 hours
  • Micheluzzi refuge (Path nr. 580 and 578) 2,00 hours
  • Val de Dona refuge (Path nr. 580) 1,00 hour
  • Grasleitenpaß-Passo Principe refuge (Path nr. 584) 1,30 hours 
  • Grasleiten-Bergamo refuge (Path nr. 584, 554 and 3a) 2,30 hours  
  • Vajolet refuge and Preuss refuge (Path nr. 584) 3,00 hours 
  • Gartlhütte - Re Alberto 1° refuge (Path nr. 584 and 542) 4,00 hours 
  • Santnerpaß-Passo Santner refuge (Path nr. 584 and 542) 4,20 hours 
  • Kolnerhütte-Fronza alle Coronelle from Tschager Joch Pass (Path nr. 584, 541 and 550) 4,30 hours
  • Rotwandhütte-Roda de Vael refuge from Cigolade pass (Path nr. 584 and 541) 5,00 hours
  • Gardeccia refuge and Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge (Path nr. 584 and 546) 3,30 hours 
  • Gardeccia refuge and Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge (Path nr. 583 - Lausa Pass and Scalette Pass) 3,30 hours
  • Ciampedie refuge and Cable car Catinaccio Vigo di Fassa (Path nr. 584, 546 and 540) 4,00 hours
  • Chairlift Pian Pecei (Path nr. 584, 546 and 540) 4,00 hours








The Rifugio Antermoia is situated at an altitude of 2,496 metres in the Vallon d'Antermoia, in the vicinity of Lake Antermoia, one of the highest lakes in the Dolomites, and just a short distance from the Passo Dona (Dona Pass), a quarter of an hour from the path that leads to the refuge.

The refuge has been completely renovated over the last two summer seasons: it was extended to provide services that meet the needs of the current users, while retaining the rustic stone façade and the traditional features of S.A.T. (Società Alpinisti Trentini [Mountaineering Society of Trentino]) refuges.

It currently has 62 beds.


    Completely refurbished refuge.

    Position close to Lake Antermoia.

    The manager has fascinating mountaineering stories to tell!

Access to the refuge

- From Campitello di Fassa it is possible to take the shuttle bus service to the Rifugio Micheluzzi via the Val Duron. Path no. 578 goes to Ciamp de Grevena, Passo delle Ciaregoles pass and then, taking path no. 580, you arrive at the Passo Dona (Dona Pass), and shortly afterwards at the Rifugio Antermoia. Average journey time around 3 hours.

- From Pera, through the Valle del Vajolet, vicinity of Gardeccia-Rifugio Vajolet-Passo Principe-Passo Antermoia-Rifugio Antermoia and Lake Antermoia. Path no. 546 and no. 584. Average journey time around 4 hours.

- From Mazzin, 1,372 in altitude, towards Valle Udai, path no. 580, 3.5 hours, level of difficulty: easy.

From the centre of the resort, follow the state highway for around 500 m towards Campitello, which takes you all the way to a former capital on the left of the road. Crossing through the meadows, continue until you reach the houses in the village of Bee[LE1] , and from there take path no. 580 until you reach the crossroads coming from Pera.

- From Campestrin, or from Fontanazzo,  1,375 m in altitude, through the Valle di Dona, path no. 577 and no. 580, 4 hours, level of difficulty: easy.

- From Alpe di Siusi along the Passo Tires (Tires Pass), 2,441 m in altitude, the Passo Duròn (Duròn Pass), 2,168 in altitude, the Passo delle Ciaregole pass, 2,282 in altitude and the Passo di Dona (Dona Pass), 2,516 m in altitude, path no. 2 (on the slopes of the Alpe di Siusi) then (no. 4 – no. 594) no. 532 – no. 555 – no. 578 – no. 580, 6 hours.

- From Tires, passing through S. Cipriano and crossing the Valle del Ciamin.

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