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Experience a night at high altitude!

Mountain refuges were created to help the wayfarers who used to pass through the Alps and needed a place to stay the night or shelter in the event of adverse weather conditions.
Over the last few decades, with the development of mountain tourism, the refuges have been turned into little guest houses that in many cases just offer the essentials. The refuges welcome not only mountaineers and adventurers, but tourists who want a get a bite to eat during a day’s hiking or skiing on the mountain.
For those of us who run the refuges, working up in the mountains is a dream come true.
A passion for the mountains is an essential trait for managing a refuge, as well as great determination and an ability to adapt easily, because nothing can be taken for granted at high altitudes, where you are isolated from the outside world. There are challenges to overcome every day: carrying out small maintenance tasks, restocking food supplies, preparing meals and cleaning the facilities. In summary, in a mountain refuge, the manager is the last person to go to bed and the first to wake up!
But we are passionate about welcoming visitors and sharing engaging stories and emotions with them about real life on the mountain!

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