VIA FERRATA “Roda de Vael” and “Creste del Masarè”

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Roda di Vael - Rotwand refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Roda di Vael - Rotwand refuge
Characteristics of the route:

5,30 ore
400 m
2806 m

This is an excellent via ferrata offering some big exposures with a couple of interesting features:

- You start and arrive at the Roda de Vale Hut, avoiding to bring with you heavy backpacks.

- You can choose to walk on both via ferratas or escape down after the first.

The route can be completed in either direction though from north to south seems to be preferred because culminates on the top of the Roda de Vael (2806m) before entering the Masarè ridge-line.
Let’s start from the Roda de Vael Hut, direction north, on path no. 541 to reach, in 1.5 hours, the Vaiolon Pass.

From here, follow the easy and immediately enjoyable good wire that takes to the summit in 45 minutes.  

From the top start descending to reach the Forcella del Diavolo. Here is a super rock window, the “Festerlwand”, complete with a small inlaid cross.

The path descends to a crossway offering the possibility to go down to the Roda de Vaèl Hut (45 minutes - recommended in case of thunderstorm) and to end the first part of the route along the equipped but demanding canal. 

The other option is to continue in direction ridge of Majarè, a more demanding via ferrata (2 hours to the end) that winds up and down along the various rocky watchtowers, and offers a wonderful view during the entire route. 

At the end of the wire, the way down takes to the Ciampaz saddle and in 30 minutes you reach the Roda di Vaèl and Pederiva huts.

The via ferratas could be one in both directions but we strongly recommend the route described for the following reasons not to be underestimated:

- All "hard" or harder parts are tackled uphill and not downhill.

- It follows the course of the sun accompanying us along the path.


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