Scalieret peak

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Passo Principe - Grasleitenpass refuge
Characteristics of the route:

1,30 ore
250 m
2889 s.l.m.

Diff.: EE - Height difference 289 m - Time 1 h 

From the refuge passo Principe hike the steep path (nr. 584) to rise up to the Antermoia pass. As long as you arrive to the “false pass” (a small secondary ridge before the Antermoia pass), near a hole in the rock on the wall of the Catinaccio d’Antermoia, leave the main path to hike along a small horizontal trace on the right side. This small trace leads to Scalieret pass and then, along the north ridge, to the cross of Scalieret peak (2889 m). The trace along the ridge is, in some parts, a bit exposed, but easy to hike.

The descent can be made along the same side or following red marks on the south-west side from the peak to Pope pass and then down to Vajolet and Preuss refuges (don Guido path); steep, but interesting.


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