Round ring from Roda de Vael hut, Cigolade pass, Soffion pass and path 'vial de le Feide'

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Roda di Vael - Rotwand refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Ciampedie refuge
Roda di Vael - Rotwand refuge
Characteristics of the route:

3 ore e 30

The tour starts from the refuge Roda de Vael to the North on the path n.541 that pleasantly takes us on a slight slope to the Pael de Sot, in the presence of the Roda de Vael east wall, the Mugoni group and the Cigolade. Now head straight to the Cigolade pass along a path that climbs through a scree: it seems endless but the ascent turns out to be quite easy.

The most suggestive passage is under a huge rock leaning against the wall that makes up a gigantic gallery. Once you reach the pass, you can enjoy, in addition to the well-deserved and necessary break, the view that opens onto the valley of the Vajolet with the majestic peaks of the Catinaccio group. Behind us we clearly see the shelter.

From here the descent starts: take great care, at the beginning of the season, at the possible tongues of snow.

Going down we will meet an intersection which on the right indicates Ciampedie while straight it continues on path n.541.

Then turn right starting the less frequented part of the route that continues slightly uphill leaving us time to admire the spectacle of the cliffs of Larsec and Catinaccio. You then reach the Soffion pass, a very suggestive place that acts as a watershed between the Vajolet valley and the Vael basin.

It is obligatory to stop and admire all the splendor of the Vajolet valley as you can also clearly see the famous towers. Cross the pass and continue to the right (going left you go towards Ciampedie).

This part of the path is now downhill and on a slight slope up to the return to the shelter that we can see in the distance, but we must be careful because we cross sections of the path on our left. You can reach the Pael de Sot with a pleasant walk  and retrace the path to the shelter in a short time.

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