Rock climbing gym

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Gardeccia refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge
Characteristics of the route:


Pretty small gym equipped on an imposing rock just a few meters from the shelter.

Perfect to keep the muscles warm "on uncertain days when you can not venture on the long and more demanding Dolomites walls.

 West side

1. Tal fon di eies 10m F5c
2. I brun di eies 12m F6a
3. No more complaining! 12m F6a
4. The Raven
5. Fadia par nia
6. Vejes sforc 18m
7. Le craches dai tec
8. Desche en verm
9. Ja fata ntel'83 15m F6b+ 12m F6a 15m F6a+ F6a 18m F6b+ 18m F6b

South side

10. Lucianetticlimb 15m F7b
11. L soreie sgalizea ti eies

12. L vent anter i ciavei de or 12m F7b+ 12m F7c

East face

13. The Witch 18m F6c

14. Douc desche la miel 18m F7a

15. Tramondo di onz 18m F7a

16. Davide e Golia 18m F6b+
17. ????? 15m F6b

North face

18. Lujenta sche na steila 12m F7b

19. Laughing in the rain 12m F7c+/8a

20. Cherry Orchard 12m

21. Cops and robbers 15m F6c

22. Dynasty 12m F7a+ 

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