Climb the highest peak of the Rosengarten area: the Catinaccio d'Antermoia - Kesselkogel

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Grasleiten - Bergamo refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Grasleiten - Bergamo refuge
Passo Principe - Grasleitenpass refuge
Characteristics of the route:

7 ore
1.831 m
3004 s.l.m.

Drive from the village Tiers towards St. Zyprian. On the left side along the street you will find the parking space close to Weißlahnbad (ca. 1150m). Park the car and start your hike on the natural mountain road, passing the restaurant Tschaminschwaige (1173m) until you get to the Passo Principe hut - Grasleitenpasshütte (2.165 m), where you can have a rest or even stay over night if you want.

Following the mark number 3A you will walk through a rocky field until you get to the Grasleitenpass, where you actually start the climb (Via Ferrata).

The Via Ferrata, which leads you directly to the peak of the Kesselkogel (3.004m), requires climbing  gear and climbing expierience. Avoid this climb if you have fear of heights. Find a good description of the route in "Via ferrata Catinacio d'antermoia"

Note: before you start this hike, please check the weather conditions at the information desk in the valley or ask the staff at the Grasleitenhùtte.

Starting poing: Parking space Weisslahnbad, Tiers (1.173m)

Road number 1: from Weisslahnbad (1173 m) to Grasleitenhùtte (2.165 m)

Road number 3A: from Grasleitenhùtte (2.165 m) to Grasleitenpasshùtte (2.601 m)

Via Ferrata: from Grasleitenpasshùtte (2.601 m) to Kesselkogel (3.004 m)

Total hiking/climbing time: about 7 hours

Elevation gain: 1.831 m

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