Tschagerjoch - Grasleitenpass - Tschaminschwaige

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Grasleiten - Bergamo refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Vajolet refuge
Grasleiten - Bergamo refuge
Fronza alle Coronelle refuge
Preuss refuge
Passo Principe - Grasleitenpass refuge
Characteristics of the route:

7–8 ore
1.831 m
2601 s.l.m.

Frommer Alm - Tschager Joch (Coronelle Pass) - Vajolet hut- Grasleitenpass hut - Grasleiten hut - Tschaminschwaige

Take the bus from Tiers to the Frommer Alm and then the chairlift to the Kòlner/Fronza hut.

From there hike path no. 550 to the Tschager Joch - Coronelle Pass and then to the Vajolet hut.

Continue hiking path no. 584 to the Grasleitenpass hut (2.601 m) and then down to the Grasleiten hut (2.165 m) via the Grasleitenkessel.

Once arrived to the Grasleiten hut you can continue on path no. 3 towards the Tschamintal and down to St. Zyprian or have a rest or even stay overnight and continue the following day.

Ask information regarding the bus transfer schedule to return to your starting point directly at the Grasleitenhùtte.

Total hiking/climbing time: about 7-8 hours

Elevation gain: 1.831 m

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