Turn around the Cigolade Pass

Catinaccio Mountain Refuges

Hut that proposes this tour:
Ciampedie refuge
List of refuges on the route:
Gardeccia refuge
Ciampedie refuge
Roda di Vael - Rotwand refuge
Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge
Characteristics of the route:

3,30 ore
500 m
2553 s.l.m.

Starting and arrival point: Ciampedie hut 1997 m

Difficulty: this itinerary takes place on trails or traces of path in different lands (pastures, debris), usually with good reports.

Recommended period: from late June to October

Access: from Vigo di Fassa with the Catinaccio cable car to the Ciampedie refuge


The route starts from the main road where the cable car arrives beside the Ciampedie hut at 1997 m.

From the refuge, descend a ski slope - path no.545 - and overcome the Negritella hut (1986 m), continuing on the easy path to the right (some steps). Walk through a fir forest, exit the Vaiolon basin and cross the path no.547 (1 hour). A zigzagging path on the debris climbs to the saddle of Ciampàz where the Pederiva and Roda of Vaèl huts stand (2280 m-45 min). 

With path no.541 you go up north with splendid views of the Roda di Vaèl, the Mugoni and the Cigolade walls.

Leave to the left the signpost no.551 (30 min) and keep climbing up the debris to the Cigolade Pass 2553 m, between the Mugoni and the Cigolade (30 min).

With an extended view to the Vajolet basin, descend to the left on debris or snow under the walls of the Mugoni until you reach the crossing with path no.550 (2146 m-40 min). 

Follow it to the rightside downhill, first on the gravel, then on steep pastures, until the shelters of the Gardeccia basin (1649 m-1 hour). 

From here follow the path no.540 south, leaving the meadows behind and  enter the woods. The trail is almost flat and leads back to Ciampedie hut (50 min).


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